Keyword research is the basic foundation of all websites and that become very competitive nowadays. Getting highly competitive is a difficult task for beginners and there are lots of tools for searching keywords and that is not enough for beginners, you have to spend some money if you really want highly competitive keywords. We are here you to help to get best competitor keyword checker and you can get easily from few tricks. 

If you’re targeting specific category, you have to think on people searches and how they will search in google. best practice for searching highly competitive keywords, make use of free tool called uber suggest, that tool will give some good keywords and one disadvantage of that tool was that will not show the results of keyword, from there you can get volume and that is the best one of uber suggest. 

Here are the best tips to get competitor keyword checker

  • When you’re in search for keyword aim for competitor keyword and you will get some information on backlink formation and you can easily rank that keyword without any problem.
  • Secondly, don’t spend too much of time to search keywords and don’t focus some negative keywords that will waste your energy and time. Better concentrate on what you’re competitor is searching and try to replicate and you can easily rank your websites.
  • If you want to know where your keywords ranking, just try this hack, first open and put your keywords with double codes and then you will get you know whether that keyword has indexed in google or not. 

Best tools for keyword researchers

  • Spy Fu

SpyFu Review | PCMag

This tool will give you best competitor keywords for your websites, and the name itself that will give keywords beyond your expectation. This is the spy tool; you can do lots of research without having any single penny.

  • Keyword planner of Google

 You can use this tool as a keyword in your content and you can target high ranking keywords. Here you need to create account and that will take some time to do. Once you sign up, you can easily get high competitor keywords. 

  • Answer the Public | Zazzle Media

It is another wonderful tool that you will get cost of free competitor keywords from there. Here the special one is you need not to put long-term keyword, you just category on which one you want, that tool will provides best one of the lists.

So, lastly to say we are listed top keyword research tools that will benefit you grow individually and hopefully think that you get a useful information on competitor keyword checker. Thanks for reading our article and start applying for your websites.

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